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1. The Editorial Committee accepts previously unpublished scholarly papers in the field of Slavonic studies (literature and language, culture). The publication is free. The Editorial Committee does not return non-commissioned submissions.

2. By submitting their articles to the journal’s Editorial Committee the Authors:

a) state that they hold the copyright rights to the articles, that the articles are free from any defects of title and that they have not been previously published elsewhere in their entirety or in part nor have they been submitted to any other journal;

b) grant their consent, free of charge, to have their articles published in “Slavica Wratislaviensia” and disseminated without any limitation as to the time and territory, including by marketing copies of the journal as well as making them available on the internet free of charge and in exchange for a fee.

3. Texts of articles and reviews are accepted in Slavic languages and in English.

4. The volume of articles should not exceed 22,000 characters including spaces and 10,000 characters with spaces in the case of reviews.

5. Formal requirements: font – Times New Roman 12, line spacing – 1.5, footnotes. Authors are obliged to submit texts conforming to the requirements of Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego available on Submissions not conforming to the required standards may not be taken into account in the selection process.

6. Manner of submission: Texts (MS Word document DOC/DOCX or RTF) should be sent electronically to the Editorial Committee address: or other, indicated by a member of the Editorial Committee.

7. The top left-hand side corner of the title page of the submission should contain details concerning the author/authors: name and surname, affiliation in the case of academics and the ORCID number (Open Researcher and Contributor ID).

8. At the end of the text, place:

a) bibliography prepared in Latin alphabet (transliteration of Cyrillic alphabet characters see here: select: PN-ISO 9:2000);

b) the title of the article and its summary (800-1000 characters) in English and the second Slavic language (other than the text of the article); the summary should specify the subject matter, aims and main conclusions;

c) five keywords in English and in a second Slavic language (other than the text of the article);

 d) short note about the Author should be attached, containing the following data: name and surname, title and academic degree, place of work and position, scientific interests, titles of the two most important publications, electronic address and ORCID number.

9. Doctoral students are also required to attach an opinion of their academic supervisor / promoter regarding the submitted text. 

10. The authors will be informed about whether their articles have been accepted for publication in “Slavica Wratislaviensia” within 3 months via e-mails sent to the addresses provided by them.

11. Articles submitted for publication are reviewed, and the reviews are confidential and anonymous (double-blind review). A list of reviewers is published every year on the journal's website ( in the "REVIEWERS " tab.

12. The Reviewers’ comments are sent to the Author who is obliged to take into account the corrections suggested by the reviewers or to send an explanation if he or she decides not to take them into account. The Editorial Committee refuses to accept an article for publication in the case of two negative reviews.

13. The publishing house reserves the right to introduce editorial changes into submitted articles.

14. Authors are obliged to make corrections to their articles within 7 days of receiving the relevant comments. A failure to make the corrections within the deadline signifies that the author agrees to have his or her article published in the form submitted for proofreading.

15. By submitting the article, the author agrees for it as well as its basic data, including its summary in English and the author’s details (name and surname, institution, e-mail address) and key words to be included in the online database Czasopisma Naukowe w Sieci (CNS) [Academic Journals on the Web].

16. Authors do not receive any fee for their articles.

17. After an article has been published, its author receives one printed copy of „Acta Universitatis Wratislaviensis Slavica Wratislaviensia” free of charge. All articles made available by Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Wrocławskiego in PDF format can be found on



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