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Ponowoczesny oniryzm, czyli Kratochvilowskie „życie snem”

  1. Anna Gawarecka ORCiD:


Postmodern oneirism or Kratochvil’s “life as a dream”

A Baroque idea which identifies life and dream is connected with a deep metaphysical explications. It places relations between illusion and reality inside questions of truth and lie and authenticity of values which organizes an axiological horizon of humanity. In Jiří Kratochvil’s novel Noční tango aneb Román jednoho léta zkonce století (2000) which also, like in Baroque and Romantic literature, locates the plot in the world of dreams, all metaphysical determinations seem to be less important than considerations about possibility of including literary oneirism into a discussion about textual and fictional dimension of postmodern contemporaneity. The writer realizes that literature has lost its ability of imitating the reality and its exclusively textual character breaks any connections between fictional and real world. Kratochvil also compares the oneiric and television ways of creation and he considers both as a similar and adequate means of fictionalization.

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Slavica Wratislaviensia

155, 2012

Strony od 363 do 372

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