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Bdělý sen zhlediska textové strategie Nervalovy Aurelie

  1. Richard Změlík ORCiD:


The wakeful dream from the perspective of Nerval’s Aurelia textual strategy

The paper discusses the narrative position in Nerval’s Aurelia and the important aspect of a dream. It is very questionable to differentiate between fictional speak and space and non-fiction-al. From this ensign rise unique reference about experience with wakeful dream (day vision) by Nerval. We cannot unequivocally say if the dream pertains to fiction or to reality. This textual strategy evokes experience of double words: between fiction and reality, which the wakeful dream (day vision) has basic role on the word modality.

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Slavica Wratislaviensia

155, 2012

Strony od 403 do 413

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