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Осязание, обоняние и вкус как эмоциональные и эстетические десигнаты в избранных произведениях Льва Толстого

  1. Natalia Królikiewicz


The senses of touch, smell and taste as emotional and aesthetic designators in selected works by Leo Tolstoy

The presented paper is an attempt at analyzing senses (touch, smell and taste) as emotional and aesthetic designators of the artistic world in selected works by Leo Tolstoy. These sensory  experiences, which go beyond the visual-auditory and also contain somatic memories, mark important moments in the literary world of the great prose writer. They reveal additional contexts and underlying meanings in the re-reading of his texts. It seems that the literary and cultural reference to sensory experience is an engaging and fruitful research perspective that makes it possible to understand the process of connecting all senses in the perception of the artistic world of the author of Resurrection, taking into account his notion of Everything (the key to anthropology in Tolstoy’s aesthetics).

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Slavica Wratislaviensia

158, 2014

Strony od 103 do 111

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