Z dziedzictwa prasłowiańskiego w  leksyce chorwackiego dialektu kajkawskiego

  1. Wiesław Boryś


The Proto-Slavic heritage in the lexis of the Čakaviandialect of Croatian

This article analyzes seven selected nouns in Čakavian dialect that have not been discussed in the literature on Slavic etymology so far. These are the following nouns: halupa (haļupa, harupa) ‘a modest house, cottage’, istavje / istovje ‘space in front of abread oven; eaves, space over something’, kuča ‘a bundle, abunch of plants; abouquet’, litka and glitek ‘calf’, pesto ‘wheel hub’, and synonymous derivatives pešča, pešče, slota ‘inclement weather, storm’, žinja ‘string; hair from a horse’s tail’ (and žima ‘bristle from ahorse’s tail’). The lexemes under investigation expand the list of the Čakavian dialectal words that are of the Proto-Slavic origin and enrich our knowledge about the heritage of the Croatian lexis. They also complete or correct the existing information about the geography of selected Proto-Slavic lexemes on the Slavic territory.

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Slavica Wratislaviensia

159, 2014

Strony od 59 do 67

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