Таксис изразен со реченици во кои ситуацијата P1 е  вметната во  ситуацијата P2 во македонскиот јазик и  нивните еквиваленти во  рускиот јазик

  1. Милица Mиркуловска


Taxis expressed by sentences in which the situation P1is inserted in the situation P2 in Macedonian and theirequivalents in Russian

The term taxis (broadly speaking) covers issues related to the manner of expression of tempor-al relations (anteriority, posteriority, simultaneity) between two situations described in certain types of complex structure. In complex sentences in which we have two clauses such as: (1) Сашо знае дека Весна студира; (2) Сашо знаеше дека Весна студирала; (3) Сашо ќе дознае дека Весна студира etc. This paper considers the ways of expressing one of the types of these relations in Macedonian with some parallels in Russian as an illustration of the wider Balkan linguistic context and Eastern Slavic linguistic territory on the theoretical foundations of the project Taxis in Slavic languages managed by professor Victor Khrakovsky at the Department of Linguistic Typology RAN (Russian Academy of Sciences).

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Slavica Wratislaviensia

159, 2014

Pages from 303 to 312

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