Frane Petrića rasprava o sredstvima koja telo sprečavaju da ne prouzrokuje raskid s dušom

  1. Persida Lazarević di Đakomo ORCiD:


Frane Petrić’s writing about the means that prevent the separation of the body from the soul


This paper deals with the concept of the body in Frane Petrić’s Happy Town (La città felice). Petrić’s Happy Town has its datum-point and key meaning in the etymology of the term felice. This term contains the duality constantly pointed out in Petrić’s conception: since human being consists of body and soul, the duality is noted and repeated through various structures of this town-state. Petrić’s town is successful-happy and happy-blessed and the consideration of the body of citizens is the first task of the sovereign.



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Slavica Wratislaviensia

153, 2011

Pages from 103 to 115

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