Тело в творческом восприятии двух классиков жанра авторской песни — Александра Галича и Владимира Высоцкого

  1. Bartosz Osiewicz


The flesh in a creative reception of the two classics of an author’s song — Alexander Galich and Vladimir Vysotsky


So far the critics have not provided a proper reflection upon the problem of the flesh and phisicality in the works of Alexander Galich and Vladimir Vysotsky, the two classics of an author’s song. For Galich and Vysotsky, the flesh is not only the object of description, but also the element that creates new topics and meanings (death, illness, cannibalism) which reflect the immortality of a culture and its humanistic values. What is more, the poets take advantage of numerous possibilities that the flesh gives them both in the process of writing and in the act of performing their songs in front of the audience.



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Slavica Wratislaviensia

153, 2011

Pages from 389 to 397

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