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Жіноче тіло в релігійному просторі: від спокуси до гріховності (на матеріалі оповідання Юліана Шпола

  1. Oksana Syradojewa


Woman’s body in the religious space: from the temptation to sin (based on Yulian Shpol’s story Syabro the Merry Shoemaker)


The paper provides insight into the concept of body in the context of Yulian Shpol’s short story Syabro the Merry Shoemaker. It is suggested to consider the female body as a factor of temptation for men’s ego, as a passion for the taboo. To some extent the female body is a trophy for masculine principles. The temptress always needs man’s positive evaluation. And his approval of the female body is what leads to erotic discourse in the short story. First of all, female body as an object of sin is regarded from the perspective of adultery that in religious space is an unspeakable sin. The body in the proposed short story condenses three dimensions: body — adultery, body — provoker, body — rebellion.



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Slavica Wratislaviensia

153, 2011

Strony od 591 do 595

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