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Stereotyp těla v polských a českých židovských anekdotách

  1. Štěpán Balík


The stereotype of the body in Polish and Czech Jewish anecdotes


Researching a picture of Jew in Czech and Polish prewar collections of Pick’s, Poláček’s, Tuwim’s and Safrin’s Jewish anecdotes I concentrated on physical stereotypes. I showed how differences between Eastern European Jewry and Western European Jewry are revealed in Czech and Polish Jewish anecdotes. Moreover, a specific type of depicting an Eastern European Jew so-called Polish Jew (polský Žid) is present in both Czech collections of anecdotes (especially by Pick). Studying these four collections of anecdotes, I had to redefine the picture of Jew, which would have been either a heterostereotype or an autostereotype. The imagological research allowed to offer a new more suitable term called heterostereotypical autostereotype, which matches the specific position of the asimilated Jewish author-narrator.



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Slavica Wratislaviensia

153, 2011

Strony od 761 do 768

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