Komplikace s hledáním těla. Nad poezií Petra Hrušky a jejím kritickým přijetím

  1. Jakub Chrobák


Body founding: problem of poetry or problem of criticism? Petr Hruška’s poetry and its reception in Czech literature


The aim of this study is to analyse Petr Hruška’s poetry and its reception in Czech literature. The author also concentrates on the fact that the young literary and critics generation have a big problem with perception of poetry such as Hruška’s, because their point of view is deformed. The 30 years old literary generation cannot find the body (key theme in Hruška’s poetry); these authors only try to speak about it. On the contrary, Hruška tries to find such situations in which the body talks with the man. And that is the moment when the man can point it out.



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This article

Slavica Wratislaviensia

153, 2011

Pages from 805 to 811

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