Запахи и звуки как знаки любви в романе Ивана Гончарова Обломов

  1. Irina Belyaeva ORCiD: 0000-0003-2840-4034belyaeva-i@mail.ru


Smells and sounds as signs of love in the novel of Ivan Goncharov Oblomov

The article deals with the problem of different faces of love feelings in Goncharov’s Oblomov and different ways of expressing them in the text. The author of this paper reveals why the markers smell, as well as vision and hearing senses in the novel are related both to the initial stage of awakening feelings (the spring “poem” of love), and to the most secret side of love, reaching in its archetypal sense the last part of Dante’s Divine Comedy, where we see the world of music and light. The article also deals with the question of taste sensations as signs of love feelings that determine not only the earthly and carnal beginning, but also express an integral facet of human love. As a result, the author focuses on the following problem: how important is for Goncharov the fullness and unity of the “spiritual and bodily currents” of love and whether he is inclined to exaggerate the difference between some of its contradictory facets — vertex of spiritual sense or the warmth the earthly feelings.

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Slavica Wratislaviensia

158, 2014

Pages from 83 to 91

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