Ciało jako pretekst do rozważań ogólniejszych w poezji Wisławy Szymborskiej

  1. Arkadiusz Ściepuro


Body as a pretext for more general considerations in the poetry of Wisława Szymborska

The motif of the body in the poetry of Wisława Szymborska will be analysed in three ways, since “body” in the poetry of the Nobel Prize winner is not so much the object of description, but of more general considerations, relating, firstly, to cultural conditioning conducive to the alienation of women within their own body; secondly, to issues connected with our otherness in the world of living beings; and thirdly, shown as a totally innocent object of oppression. Although considerations of subjects connected with the body are not in the mainstream of problems in Wisława Szymborska’s poetry, they tend to surprise by their sharpness of cognitive reflection.



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Slavica Wratislaviensia

153, 2011

Pages from 461 to 467

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